History Of the Melrose Missile

While this site will cover the history of the Melrose Missile.  It will mainly focus on the career of Cecil Yother who drove the Melrose Missile from 1964 on.   The early days will be visited with both Cecil’s early career and early days of the Melrose Missile.

Here is a photo of the early “Melrose Missile I” driven by Tommy Grove and Charlie DiBari.



Image credit “Beentherebefore”

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  • paul massaro says:

    car I and II , went to bonnevile . did a one way pass @ 164 . but didn’t make a return run . i know what happened to the rim of the wheel . i have the magnesium american 18’s off that car that ran that day . if anyone wishs i can send pix of them . but i’m more interested in more pix of the event with the car in it , in that i have only one that i received when i purchased those tire/wheel combos . and with the clean up guys story on what and were he ran across this stuff . still dusty from the store room above the top of the parts room , in the pitch dark with a dim light he spots these treasures of a day forgotten . yes that dark room was atop the melrose motors car dealership , with it’s plymouth just passed . today the place is more prized , then the past it holds . thanks pomonamissel@live.com

  • admin says:

    By all means post up the photos. Any other interesting pics or stories you might have too.

  • Mark Nelson says:

    Bought the Missile 1 in Oakland .. brought it to Eureka … after blowing it up in McCloud, CA, showing off..replaced 413 motor… but wanted to put in 383 for lower class racing ..
    Long story … Mark eureka@suddenlink.net